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Hi dear Newsletter receivers. Sorry for the enormous delay in sending any newsletters since my New Years wishes last December...
Consider this my second newsletter of the year 2016. Suitably written about half a year later than the last one.
I will keep some of the events of 2016 short. like my enormously successful publicity tour I did all over Holland and the dozens of interviews in all kinds of newspapers and magazines with the relaunching of The Happy Hooker and SUPERSEX IN DUTCH...
It was great to finally be recognized all over the place again as for many years I had not done any more publicity for any more books.
The opening party at Scheltema bookshop in Amsterdam was a smashing hit with over 100 people. I am most grateful to my co publisher Gert Jan de Vries and his entire staff of 5 who helped to make this book come out so nicely with a great cover and good p.r. campaign. I suddenly could not help but feel like a living legend who had been asleep for a few decennia!!!


Well... at last my dear friend ROGIER has put this lovely you tube film together from the great 73rd BIRTHDAY PARTY we had for approximately 90 people or more on Sunday June 19 ,2016.

To begin with I want to thank all musical or entertainment performers during this long and fascinating Sunday, who made this party most memorable.

FRANK DE KLEER and his adorable 12 year old son on guitar and singing. 


Then the fabulous American boogie woogie pianist CARL SUNNY LEYLAND; the acrobatic stunts by MIEKE DOES and her partner in the garden, even with some public participation; SHAI SHAHAR, still the best performer of Sinatra songs and also master of ceremony in Istanbul of the best Burlesque shows in town.

Then there was the young and adorable newly found talented singer/harmonica player CATO FLUITSMA with quite a few naughty songs, written and sung by herself.

EDDIE WOODS great friend for years and American poet living in Amsterdam recited MY WAY as a poem rather than a song as it is quite suitable to MY own lifestyle.

XAVIER BOOT, very young and talented pianist/composer who treated us to a lovely Mozart senate;

EMMELIE ZIPSON and UDO both sang a few songs as well.

Last but not least the entire garden audience got treated to several great and sentimental songs performed by Tom de Jong, written and composed by Herman van Veen and Ramses Shaffy. He managed to get the public  to dance and jump around and be happy.


Then not to forget my thanks to all of you who either donated an envelope to help contribute to this immense party to cover some of these expenses and thanks of course also to those of you who produced great food like MOHAMMED a darling Syrian refugee who made terrific food like babaganoush, tabbouleh etc. and PHILIP OF COURSE my own man for 11 years now, who did in general most of the preparing work to make this party a success by doing ALL the shopping and also making some fine salads.

I'd like to thank all my friends ( mostly women) and Herman de Bock  who produced  ALL THE SWEETS AND FRUIT SALAD.   Not to forget my gratitude for those who brought along the dozens of great colorful flowers   I got already during the week before. I took the liberty to bring two great bunches to my Moms graveyard! As I wished her a happy birthday for her daughter, together with Philip.

SO HAVE A NICE SUMMER. Philip and I already enjoyed 2 weeks in sunny and gorgeous SICILY and we are off to visit some more friends in Norway mid July.





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